NBA 2010’s All Decade Quiz

By pmbrandon - January 13, 2020

The game changed in the 2010s…

LeBron James took his talents to south beach and won his first two rings, Steph Curry lit up the NBA with his incredible 3-point shooting, KD joined the Warriors when they were already peaking, James Harden emerged as an all-time scoring talent, and Kawhi established himself as one of the greats in the league today.

Have you been paying attention to the NBA the past decade and all it’s greatness?

This quiz is for the NBA fans that cherished the 2010s. If you stayed plugged into the NBA last decade, then this quiz should be a layup. If not, you might struggle to even hit 50% of your questions.

Only 1 out of every 15 people can get a score of 90% or better. Shoot your shot to see if you’re one of them.




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#1 Who won the 2010 NBA Championship?